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Hyperthermic Limb Perfusion Therapy

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Patients with advanced melanomas that are within one of their extremities may be treated with hyperthermic limb perfusion therapy in an effort to halt the progression of their disease to other parts of the body without having to amputate. The procedure involves temporarily discontinuing blood flow to the extremity, heating the limb’s blood to a certain temperature, and connecting the patient’s arm or leg to a machine that circulates their blood along with a highly concentrated dose of a cancer-fighting drug.

After one to one-and-a-half hours of such therapy, the limb is “flushed” to eliminate the cytotoxic drug, and natural blood flow between the limb and rest of the body is restored. Patients who meet certain specific criteria may be good candidates for this kind of cancer therapy, which allows for a much higher dosage of the cancer fighting drug than would otherwise be possible if the patient’s entire circulatory system were involved, while capitalizing on the drug’s increased effectiveness in hyperthermic conditions.

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