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Breast Reconstruction

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Our doctors performs both one-stage immediate breast reconstruction and two-stage reconstruction with implants. The one-stage approach is completed on the day of the mastectomy procedure, with the plastic surgeon positioning the implant (typically below chest muscles) immediately following removal of breast tissue along with a graft to support the implants as the patient heals. The two-stage approach involves the use of a temporary tissue expander that is placed on the day of the mastectomy procedure. This may be done when the surgeon thinks the skin flaps need to be stretched and improved prior to placing an implant, and involves a waiting period of approximately two to three months for this to happen. When radiation therapy is part of the patient’s treatment plan, this will be completed prior to positioning of the breast implant.

Tissue Flap Procedures

Our doctors also performs multiple “tissue flap” procedures to reconstruct a breast following cancer surgery. These operations involve taking healthy tissue from the thighs, back, buttocks or stomach to rebuild and re-sculpt a breast and restore a natural appearance. Most patients receiving tissue flap procedures have a tissue taken from the lower portion of the abdomen – i.e., “abdomen flaps.” Flap surgery is a more lengthy procedure that requires a longer recovery time than implants, but may be right for patients who value the most natural look and feel as well as the freedom from worrying about having to replace an old or ruptured implant.

For much more information on breast reconstruction procedures and what’s right for you, we absolutely encourage you to meet with our doctors in person. They are always willing to answer your questions and provide her professional advice to patients who seek her consultation. Call 727.270.9927 or fill out an appointment request form today!