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Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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Dr. Raj Kotak at Florida Hospital North Pinellas Surgical Institute in Tarpon Springs is a surgeon who specializes in helping patients with severe gastrointestinal disorders that have not responded well or been fully addressed by non-surgical treatments. In particular, he provides surgical interventions for inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. See below for more information on these surgeries, and call us at 727.270.9927 if you would like to arrange for a consultation with Dr. Kotak. His excellent reputation in this area is why many physicians from across the Tampa region and beyond refer their patients to his care for complex gastrointestinal conditions.

Crohn’s disease  

Surgery to address Crohn’s disease involves removing the unhealthy portion of the digestive tract and reattaching the remaining portions, closure of fistulas, drainage of abscesses or widening of a narrow portion of the intestines in a procedure called a strictureplasty. This surgery often can relieve a patient’s symptoms for a portion of time, but is not curative because the condition often returns at the site of the reconnected tract. However, certain medications can help reduce the recurrence of Crohn’s disease symptoms following surgery.

Ulcerative colitis

Surgery to resolve ulcerative colitis is called a proctocolectomy and involves the complete removal of both the colon and rectum. In many patients, Dr. Kotak can complete this operation along with ileoanal anastomosis, which is a specialized procedure that allows the person to avoid using an exterior colostomy bag by creating an internal “pouch” from the end portion of the small intestine. While not all patients are good candidates for this procedure, those who are be cured of ulcerative colitis while still being able to expel waste in a relatively normal fashion.