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A mediastinotomy is a diagnostic procedure in which your surgeon makes a small opening in the mid-chest area in order to visualize the lungs and chest and possibly remove a tissue sample (including lymph nodes) for biopsy. While this operation may be carried out to detect cancer or determine whether a cancer has metastasized, it can also help in isolating other conditions including infections and inflammation tied to sarcoidosis or something else. A patient undergoing mediastinotomy will be put under general anesthesia and can expect the entire operation to last between a half an hour and two hours. This is often done on an outpatient basis, with many patients being able to leave the hospital within 24 hours.

Dr. Astra at Florida Hospital North Pinellas Surgical Institute in Tarpon Springs is an excellent diagnostician who performs mediastinotomy procedures primarily to obtain a biopsy of the lymph nodes and/or of a mass that has been detected in the center of a patient’s chest.

For more information on mediastinotomy procedures, please phone our office at 727.270.9927 or arrange for a consultation with Dr. Astra by filling out this appointment request form.