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At Florida Hospital North Pinellas Surgical Institute, Dr. Astra and Dr. Kotak perform esophagectomy procedures primarily for patients with esophageal cancer that has not yet spread to other parts of the body. This procedure involves removing the majority of the esophagus and then attaching the stomach to the remaining portion of that organ in an effort to eliminate the diseased tissue and keep the cancer from metastasizing. It can be performed via a transhiatal (abdomen and neck), transthoracic (abdomen and side of chest), thoracoabdominal (chest to abdomen) or minimally invasive, laparoscopic approach. Either way, this is a major surgery that requires between 5 and 10 hours to complete and necessitates the installation of a temporary feeding tube so that the patient can receive nutrition while their esophagus heals.

If you or a loved one reside in or around Tarpon Springs, Tampa, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Dunedin or surrounding communities and are in search of highly skilled surgical care for esophageal cancer, our physicians can deliver the most advanced and effective medical procedures and have a reputation for excellence in their respective fields. Call us at 727.270.9927 to arrange for a surgical consult today.