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Cardiac Device Implantation

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Dr. Louis Astra at Florida Hospital North Pinellas Surgical Institute in Tarpon Springs performs many procedures each year to implant cardiac devices such as pacemakers and the epicardial lead implants these devices require to regulate heart function.


Pacemakers are primarily used to address heart arrhythmia, and can be implanted via a relatively minor procedure in which the patient remains awake but may be given a sedative to help them relax. The surgeon begins by inserting one or multiple electrodes (basically insulated wires) through a major vein near the collarbone. He then employs imaging technology to guide the wire to the heart and affix it in the proper position. The other end of the wire is secured to a pulse generator that is usually installed just under the skin below the collarbone. After surgery, the device is programed according to the patient’s pacing needs. Thanks to today’s technology, your doctor can remotely monitor your pacemaker on a regular basis to determine whether it is having the desired effect on your heart rhythm.

Depending on what type of pacemaker is installed, electrical impulses are transmitted to the right, left, or both ventricles of the heart. Pacemakers that stimulate both sides of the heart help it to beat more efficiently as part of a treatment called cardiac resynchronization therapy.

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